NEW: Survey Reveals 78% of Crypto Professionals Anticipate Bitcoin Price Surge to New Highs Within 12 Months

A recent survey from Finder, pooling insights from 40 crypto specialists, forecasts a bullish future for Bitcoin. By the end of 2024, Bitcoin is expected to reach $77,423, climbing to $122,688 by 2025, and making an impressive leap to $366,935 by 2030. This optimistic outlook, significantly more upbeat than previous predictions, reflects a growing confidence in Bitcoin’s potential. Key factors fueling this optimism include heightened interest from big companies and institutional investors, the introduction of spot ETFs enhancing market accessibility, and the anticipated Bitcoin halving, which will decrease the supply of new Bitcoins. Despite some skepticism, the consensus leans heavily towards a bullish future, with predictions of Bitcoin’s value peaking at $87,875 by late 2024. Over half of the experts deem Bitcoin currently underpriced, suggesting a golden opportunity for investors. This collective optimism underscores a strong belief in Bitcoin’s continued growth and its role in shaping the future of digital currency.


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