No, it’s not okay to physically assault NFT critics (even if it’s just a slap)

Pulitzer-prize winning art critic Jerry Saltz has had it with NFTs.

He tweeted last Monday:

“I have found that about 90% of the people in the space of AI and NFT infatically [sic] DO NOT want criticism. Their reactions to it prove it. I tried. And tried. One guy hit me on my wrist when I walked past him on Hudson Street & West 12th St. And yelled something about NFTs. Sigh.”

If you don’t know who Saltz is, he’s been the senior art critic at New York Magazine since 2006. But just because he’s a mainstream critic in the traditional art world doesn’t mean that he’s predisposed to hate all crypto art — in fact, in a Vulture piece from 2021, he writes, “Someday, there may…

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