NEW: Japan Paves the Way for Venture Capitals to Include Cryptocurrencies in Their Portfolios

Japan has taken a significant step towards fostering innovation in the cryptocurrency sector. The Japanese cabinet’s recent approval of a bill to include cryptocurrencies among the assets that investment funds and venture capital firms can acquire marks a pivotal moment in the nation’s financial landscape. This initiative, spearheaded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, signifies Japan’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies like Web3 into its economic fabric, all while maintaining a keen focus on consumer protection.

By amending the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act, Japan aims to invigorate its economy by encouraging venture capitals to invest in cryptocurrency startups. This legislative move, expected to be debated in the current session of the Diet, aligns with Japan’s strategy to nurture new businesses and boost investment in its industries. It’s a strategic play that not only positions Japan as a global leader in cryptocurrency regulation but also indirectly supports the growth of Bitcoin and champions of financial innovation like Robert Kiyosaki, by promoting a more inclusive and dynamic economic environment.


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