LATEST: Cleanspark Expands Bitcoin Mining to Mississippi, Eyes Significant Growth

Cleanspark, a Nasdaq-listed bitcoin mining company, has announced its venture into Mississippi by acquiring three operational bitcoin mining sites, along with an additional site in Dalton, Georgia, currently under construction. This strategic expansion, costing $19.8 million in cash, aims to bolster the company’s mining capabilities by approximately 3.2 exahash per second (EH/s), with the Mississippi sites contributing 2.4 EH/s and the Dalton site expected to add another 0.8 EH/s upon completion.

CEO Zach Bradford expressed excitement about the company’s growth and the opportunity to triple their hashrate in Dalton without significantly increasing overhead costs. With these new acquisitions and the expansion of its existing Dalton mining campus, Cleanspark aims to exceed 20 EH/s by the first half of 2024, enhancing its operational efficiency and strengthening community ties. This move is poised to position Cleanspark as a formidable player in the bitcoin mining industry ahead of the anticipated halving event.


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