JUST IN: Robinhood Integrates with MetaMask for Simplified Crypto Purchases

In a significant move, Consensys, a leader in blockchain and web3 software, alongside Robinhood Markets, Inc (NASDAQ: HOOD), announced today the launch of Robinhood Connect with MetaMask, the top self-custodial web3 wallet globally. This collaboration marks a milestone by enabling customers to buy cryptocurrency directly through Robinhood’s cost-effective order system via MetaMask’s Buy Crypto feature. Aimed at bolstering web3 adoption, this integration simplifies and secures the process for users to onboard into the web3 space while maintaining full control over their digital assets.

MetaMask users now have the convenience of purchasing crypto through Robinhood Connect. This service aggregates various crypto buying options, offering Robinhood’s customers a streamlined and straightforward way to acquire cryptocurrencies from multiple providers.

Lorenzo Santos, Senior Product Manager at Consensys, emphasized the importance of this partnership, stating it significantly reduces barriers for individuals seeking a self-custodial route to access cryptocurrencies. He noted the public’s growing desire for greater control and ownership over their digital presence and assets.

Seong Lee, Head of Product at Robinhood Crypto, highlighted Robinhood’s commitment to easing the web3 adoption process. He explained that Robinhood Connect facilitates a seamless experience for Robinhood customers to fund their self-custody wallets using various payment methods, enabling immediate use of their purchased crypto.

A 2023 global survey by Consensys involving over 15,000 participants revealed a shift towards a more active, empowered internet user base, with a significant majority expressing a desire for greater control over their online identity and creations. However, the complexity of web3 technology remains a hurdle for many. This partnership between MetaMask and Robinhood represents a step forward in addressing these challenges, making it easier for users to engage with self-custodial services and the broader crypto ecosystem.

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