NEW: Survey Reveals Gen Z Prefers Crypto Over Stocks

A recent survey by Policygenius reveals a shift in investment preferences among younger Americans, with nearly as many owning cryptocurrency as those investing in real estate. With the housing market becoming increasingly unattainable due to soaring interest rates and skyrocketing median home prices, 21% of millennials and Gen Z’ers now turn to crypto, closely mirroring the 20% who are homeowners. This trend underscores a broader generational pivot towards digital assets over traditional investments, with a notable 18% of Gen Z favoring crypto over stocks.

The survey also highlights a growing sense of financial pride among younger generations, despite only a minor interest in NFTs. Conducted by YouGov for Policygenius, the poll surveyed 4,000 Americans, showing a clear inclination towards cryptocurrencies as a viable investment alternative. As Bitcoin and the broader crypto market continue to surge in value, this emerging trend among Gen Z and millennials not only reflects their adaptability but also their optimism in the face of a challenging real estate market.


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