LATEST: US Congressman McHenry Urges U.S. to Take Lead in Bitcoin

At the recent Bitcoin Policy Summit in Washington DC, Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC) delivered a compelling argument for the U.S. to spearhead the global Bitcoin movement. Highlighting Bitcoin as a “bastion of freedom,” McHenry underscored the resilience of the digital currency against attempts by authoritative regimes, notably the Chinese Communist Party, to suppress it. His remarks positioned Bitcoin not only as an unstoppable force in technology but also as a symbol of financial freedom, urging his colleagues to recognize its potential and the importance of informed regulation.

McHenry, a known proponent of financial innovation, stressed the urgency for policymakers to understand Bitcoin better before legislating. He criticized the current level of knowledge among his peers, pointing out the counterproductive effects of attempting to regulate Bitcoin with a lack of understanding. By advocating for a more educated approach to policymaking, McHenry aims to steer the United States toward a leadership role in the evolving landscape of digital currency, emphasizing the need for the country to embrace this opportunity for a dynamic future in finance and technology.


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