NEW: Bitcoin’s Market Cap Swells by $40 Billion Overnight, Indicating Bull Market Beginnings

Bitcoin has surged past the $50,000 milestone for the first time since 2021, injecting nearly $40 billion into its market value within just one day. This significant leap has sparked widespread enthusiasm throughout the cryptocurrency world. As of February 13, data from CoinMarketCap reveals an impressive increase in Bitcoin’s market capitalization, soaring from $945.31 billion to $982.41 billion in 24 hours. This marks a growth of $37.1 billion or 3.93%, showcasing Bitcoin’s robust momentum. The price of Bitcoin now stands at $50,066, indicating a 4.13% rise over the last day. This upward trend is not just a flash in the pan; over the past week, Bitcoin has climbed 16.42%, with a monthly gain of 16.43%, demonstrating its strong and sustained appeal in the financial landscape.


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