LATEST: Whale Wallets Awaken, Shift $61M in Bitcoin After Decade

Two dormant Bitcoin wallets came back to life after ten years, shifting 1,000 Bitcoins valued at $61 million. On May 12, a wallet bearing the address “16vRq…qjzEa” began the transfer of 500 Bitcoin in block 843,131 at 7:10 p.m. UTC. A few seconds later, another 500 Bitcoin moved in the following two blocks from another wallet, “1DUJuH…NgfC5”, as per data from’s Bitcoin block explorer.

Originally, these wallets each received 500 Bitcoin on September 12 and September 13, 2013, when Bitcoin was worth a mere $134. These investments have skyrocketed since then—an astronomical rise of 456 times to the combined value of $61.2 million today. After these moves, the Bitcoins originating from “16vRq…qjzEa” were sent onward to separate other addresses, while the Bitcoins originating from “1DUJuH…NgfC5” were sent to be held by the originating address. Further blockchain analytics by Lookonchain reveal that these moves are likely owned by the same owner or company for both wallets, leading to an incredible amount of speculation and interest across the cryptocurrency community.


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