NEW: Willy Woo Predicted Bitcoin Would Reach $1,000,000 Easily, Signaling Bulls

On-chain analyst Willy Woo, who is already renowned, is predicting a monumental rise in the value of Bitcoin, even further than the others, stating that this currently controversial asset will soar to $1 million in a decade. Now, with 1.1 million followers on the social media platform X, Willy Woo is pretty sure that the price rise is going to change the way economies work. He sees Bitcoin as a future reserve currency that will reduce central bank corruption, make wars more expensive, and probably swap dynamics for more forward-thinking, younger leaders. His take comes with on-chain data from current on-chain indicators pointing to early signs of increasing network flows and a bullish risk signal that could spell a potential trend reversal in favor of Bitcoin.

This month, Woo highlighted, fair value for Bitcoin is $1 million tagged in 2035, driven by rising global adoption. He notes that net flows from lighter blue on US Spot ETFs are starting to pick up, which is pointing at a strengthening market. This analysis from Woo is an excellent compass for Bitcoin’s future in a financial landscape that is set to be at the center of global change.


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