LATEST: Investment Guru Dan Tapiero Predicts Bitcoin Surge to $90,000 Soon

Dan Tapiero, the legendary macro investor in digital assets, has high expectations for Bitcoin. On May 14, 2024, the investment guru made a social media forecast on X that Bitcoin can explosively rocket off from $65,000 to $90,000 soon after sideways overlapping flag-type consolidation is complete. According to him, the pattern suggests that Bitcoin is setting itself up for another colossal price breakout. His confidence in Bitcoin’s potential comes amid broad optimism in the future of cryptocurrencies.

Despite the uncertainty over what will cause this surge, Tapiero’s history makes him quite a credible figure. He has founded and led firms that have held over $1.2 billion worth of investments and had a track record of keen market analysis. Like his fellow investor, Raoul Pal, Tapiero, therefore calls for the community to seize the moment. There is no better time for those who believe in cryptocurrency.


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