LATEST: Dogecoin’s Astonishing Growth: 1,100% Increase in New Addresses

Dogecoin, initially a meme coin, has recently achieved significant growth, defying expectations in the cryptocurrency market. Data from IntoTheBlock, highlighted by analyst Ali Martinez, reveals a 1,100% increase in new Dogecoin addresses in just one week, culminating in a record 247,240 new addresses on January 29. This surge surpasses the previous high of 163,040 new wallets from December 16, 2013, signaling a burgeoning interest in Dogecoin.

The coin’s ascent is further evidenced by a 62.27% increase in large transaction volumes, reaching $680.54 million overnight. Such substantial movement by major investors underscores a growing confidence in Dogecoin’s potential. These developments suggest Dogecoin is emerging as a serious contender in the crypto space, attracting attention and investment, and positioning itself for potentially greater achievements.


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