LATEST: Crypto Devices Could End Government Surveillance, Says Telegram CEO

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov foresees a surge in the creation of secure communication devices, much like cryptocurrency hardware wallets, as government surveillance intensifies. Speaking to Tucker Carlson, Durov highlighted the ongoing suppression of private communication by authorities, emphasizing the need for technology that safeguards privacy. He indicated the United States law enforcement, specifically the FBI, has sought to compromise Telegram’s security by requesting backdoor access. Durov, choosing the UAE for its geopolitical neutrality, continues to champion privacy without external venture capital interference, relying instead on his investments in fiat and Bitcoin to maintain complete control over his ventures.

This stance on privacy and anti-surveillance is echoed by American whistleblower Edward Snowden, who recently warned of the NSA’s imminent plans to expand its surveillance capabilities drastically. Snowden’s concerns were validated by Elizabeth Goitein from the Brennan Center for Justice, who pointed out potential overreaches in the U.S. government’s surveillance authority under the FISA 702 bill. Together, Durov and Snowden’s warnings underline the critical need for privacy-focused innovations in the face of increasing governmental oversight.


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