LATEST: Bitcoin ETFs Absorb Ten Times More BTC Than Miners’ Output

Spot Bitcoin ETFs attracted a staggering $493.4 million, equating to about 10,280 Bitcoin, on Feb. 12, dwarfing the Bitcoin mining output of just 1,059 BTC, valued at approximately $51 million. This represents a tenfold increase in investment in ETFs compared to what was produced by mining, showcasing a soaring demand for Bitcoin in the investment sector. Leading the charge was BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust with an inflow of $374.7 million, followed by Fidelity’s Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund at $151.9 million, and Ark 21Shares Bitcoin ETF with $40 million. Despite some outflows from Grayscale and Invesco Galaxy ETF, the overall investment into Bitcoin ETFs suggests a significant shift towards digital asset investments among investors. This trend, echoed on Feb. 9 with ETFs drawing in 12,700 BTC against 980 BTC from mining, indicates a growing investor confidence and a bullish outlook for Bitcoin’s market cap and its future in the financial landscape.

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