LATEST: Bitcoin Depot Brings Bitcoin ATMs to America’s Rapidly Growing Grocer Fareway

Bitcoin Depot, a prominent U.S. Bitcoin ATM operator and fintech leader, has announced a strategic partnership with Midwest grocery chain Fareway Stores Inc., to install Bitcoin ATMs in 66 of its stores across seven states. This move, set for Q2 2024, is part of Bitcoin Depot’s ongoing efforts to make cryptocurrency transactions as straightforward and accessible as shopping for groceries. CEO Brandon Mintz emphasized the synergy between Bitcoin Depot’s customer-first philosophy and Fareway’s commitment to enhancing shopper experience, promising a seamless cash-to-Bitcoin service that aligns with Fareway’s innovative approach.

The collaboration is expected to not only simplify Bitcoin transactions for Fareway’s customers but also integrate digital payments into everyday shopping, enhancing consumer convenience. This initiative follows Bitcoin Depot’s recent expansion into Australia and Puerto Rico, and achieving a milestone with over 8,000 ATMs deployed globally. As Bitcoin Depot continues to grow, its network of ATMs solidifies its standing as the largest in North America, signaling a significant advancement in the accessibility of digital currencies.


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