Bitcoin’s Impressive Monthly Returns Mark a Bullish Quarter

Bitcoin’s monthly returns tell a story of dramatic growth and dynamic market changes. In January 2024, the return was a modest +0.87%, but by February, a substantial leap to +44% was recorded. March saw a significant +15.5% return, rounding off an impressive first quarter at +67.6%.

The standout moments for Bitcoin in March included breaking its all-time record, reaching over $73,000, and substantial institutional moves like MicroStrategy’s purchase of an additional $500 million in Bitcoin. Moreover, the entry of BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF, which accumulated 250K BTC, pushing its assets under management beyond $10 billion, signifies growing institutional endorsement.

Looking at the historical data from 2017, the journey shows Bitcoin’s ability to recover from negative returns, such as -16.7% in January 2022, to robust peaks like the +39.9% in November 2021. This volatility highlights Bitcoin’s unpredictable nature, attracting both caution and opportunity for investors.

Disclaimer: Market capitalizations and data can vary in real-time. The information provided here is intended purely for educational purposes and should not, under any circumstances, be construed as financial advice.

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