Solana marketing ploy leads to proliferation of scams

Solana advocates like to drive home the merits of relatively cheap transaction fees on the blockchain, especially in relation to gas paid in ether, on Ethereum mainnet.

A new marketing campaign tokenizes that narrative in the form of LFG, or LessFnGas, which launched on New Year’s Day.

The project targets Ethereum users who have spent at least 2 ether (ETH) in gas fees, offering them LFG tokens through an airdrop. Holders of eligible wallets can specify a Solana address to receive the newly created token.

As of 9 am ET, the project said on X that more than 45,000 wallets had claimed the LFG token.

But while the airdrop itself was promoted by Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko,…

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