NEW: MetaMask to Add Bitcoin Support, According to New Report

MetaMask, the popular digital wallet with 22 million downloads as of August 2023, will reportedly add Bitcoin, extending the capabilities of the application well beyond its native Ethereum. According to sources speaking to CoinDesk, this move could begin next month, although the timeline could shift. This won’t all happen at once. Bitcoin support will be built incrementally into the extensive list of features that have been released over time.

We have seen the MetaMask team pivot and expand from an app centered around Ethereum and related networks, for example, adding Snaps, JavaScript applications, in September 2023. This was purposeful diversification to cater to a wider range of different blockchain technologies and, therefore, user demands. Adding Bitcoin to the roster of supported assets means that not only does MetaMask broaden its service offers to support a better set of distinguished assets, but it also means that Bitcoin continues its penetration into mainstream awareness even further.

This is going to strengthen the position of MetaMask on the very edge of the development of the best digital wallet service with user experience that has access to innovative features like security alerts, Ethereum validator staking, and tools for airdrops and NFT claims.


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