LATEST: XRP Ledger Surpasses New Milestone with Over 88 Million Ledgers

XRP Ledger Services report that the total number of ledgers in the decentralized blockchain technology for the XRP Ledger has surpassed 88 million. Exceeding 88 million accounts represents high growth in increasing significance in the industry of blockchain technologies. The number of accounts has now exceeded 5.2 million, and among them, there are more than 60 billion XRP.

At a point in the center of this blooming ecosystem, the use and popularity of XRPL continue to grow. In Q1 2024 alone, on-chain transactions of XRPL increased by 108%, with average costs of transactions decreasing by 45%, in a display of good user engagement and efficiency.

This milestone in numbers means nothing really; the feeling of trust and reliability that users have placed in XRPL is beyond bounds. It operates using a consensus algorithm, updated every few seconds by validators, making sure that recording of transactions is sealed and in agreement at all times. This, therefore, cements its stand and leads in digital finance.

XRP Ledger Services

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