LATEST: Michael Saylor Supports New Cryptocurrency Regulatory Framework for Bitcoin

Michael Saylor, co-founder of MicroStrategy, expressed his support for the growing consensus on a new regulatory framework for digital assets. In his tweet, he highlighted a growing agreement among different stakeholders on the need for regulations that are ‘sweeping and balanced in their coverage.’ He believes such frameworks would benefit Bitcoin, the broad crypto industry, the United States, and global markets. Saylor said the last would help increase the adoption and stability of proposed regulations in the cryptocurrency sector. The framework is said to be for safeguarding investors while nurturing the greatest innovation and technological advancement. It is seen as a move towards legitimizing crypto assets in the financial systems worldwide. Saylor’s endorsement of the same is one of the loud voices to mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies. His positive outlook on the future of digital assets under new regulations teases a bright horizon for investors and other industry traders globally.


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