NEW: Max Keiser Predicts Bitcoin to Hit $220,000 After ‘God Candle’

Max Keiser, a vocal Bitcoin advocate and former financial journalist, has sparked excitement among cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a recent post on X. Keiser, known for his bullish Bitcoin forecasts, reaffirmed his prediction that Bitcoin could reach a staggering $220,000. Citing a new, critical factor, he tweeted about the impending arrival of a “God candle,” signaling a potential massive price surge.

Keiser’s confidence stems from what he describes as a “demand shock meets supply shock” scenario. This insight was bolstered by a tweet from X user @Vivek4real_, who noted that the Bitcoin supply on exchanges has significantly diminished, reaching all-time lows. The tweet hinted at an imminent supply shortage, adding weight to Keiser’s optimistic outlook.

Amidst growing anticipation, Keiser believes the combination of decreasing supply and increasing demand will catapult Bitcoin to the $220,000 mark. His followers on X are abuzz, closely watching market trends for signs of this monumental rise.


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