NEW: Bitcoin Whales Acquire Over $13 Billion in BTC in 2024, Reports Santiment

In a surprising twist for the cryptocurrency market in 2024, the most substantial Bitcoin investors, those holding wallets with 1,000 to 10,000 BTC, have aggressively increased their stakes, pouring an additional $12.95 billion into Bitcoin. This strategic accumulation starkly contrasts with the behavior of smaller investors, who control wallets containing 100 to 1,000 BTC and have collectively reduced their holdings by $7.89 billion. This divergence in investment strategy underscores a significant confidence among Bitcoin’s largest holders, suggesting a bullish outlook for the cryptocurrency’s future.

Adding to the positive momentum, there has been a notable surge in Bitcoin transaction activity, with the volume of transactions over $100,000 reaching its highest level since mid-2022. This surge coincides with Bitcoin’s price breaking the $50,000 barrier, igniting increased interest and investment in the cryptocurrency. According to market analysts at Santiment, this combination of high-stake accumulations and elevated transaction volumes points to a strengthening foundation for Bitcoin’s market presence and investor sentiment as it navigates through 2024.


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