NEW: Bitcoin Surpasses Tesla Stock for First Time Since 2019

Bitcoin has significantly outperformed Tesla over the past five years, achieving a staggering 1,180% increase in value compared to Tesla’s 806%, according to TradingView data. Recent performance also favors Bitcoin, with a 139% rise in the past year against Tesla’s 11% decline. Year-to-date figures further highlight Bitcoin’s dominance, showing a 49% gain, while Tesla’s stock fell by 42%. This remarkable growth has elevated Bitcoin to the world’s ninth-largest asset with a $1.3 trillion market cap, surpassing giants like Meta Platforms and Berkshire Hathaway.

Tesla, an early adopter of Bitcoin, initially invested over $1.5 billion in 2021 but missed out on potential profits exceeding $1.27 billion by selling about 75% of its holdings in 2022. Currently, Tesla holds 11,509 BTC worth over $766 million. The surge in Bitcoin’s value is largely attributed to the introduction of ten U.S. spot Bitcoin ETFs this year, which have significantly bolstered its status as a major asset class, amassing over 835,000 BTC valued at approximately $55.1 billion.


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