LATEST: Brazil’s Nubank Enables Bitcoin Withdrawals for Users

Nubank, the largest digital bank in Brazil, announced on Tuesday that customers can now manage Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana directly via its app, marking a significant enhancement in cryptocurrency accessibility. This update not only includes support for withdrawals but also for deposits, building on the bank’s commitment from December last year to enable such features. This initiative is part of a broader plan to include more cryptocurrencies in the future, demonstrating Nubank’s proactive approach to integrating digital assets into everyday banking activities.

The bank’s recent strides in crypto adoption contribute to its reputation as a leading financial institution in Latin America. A survey report recently ranked Nubank among the world’s top banks, leading Forbes’ list of financial institutions in Brazil and Mexico. These developments come after the bank’s collaboration with Paxos in 2022 to offer crypto trading and custody services, thereby promoting the incorporation of digital assets across the traditional banking landscape and setting a benchmark in the region’s financial innovation.


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