NEW: $282 Million in BTC Purchased by Whale During Dip

Amidst market fluctuations, a notable Bitcoin whale has confidently acquired over $282 million in BTC from Binance since late March. The blockchain tracking firm Lookonchain first identified this activity, highlighting that the address “12QVsfAFv5RsHuqx4i9WsNGJPeiYLoN2qo” purchased 4,380 BTC at an average price of $64,471. Furthermore, during a recent price dip, the whale seized the opportunity to buy an additional 620 BTC at $39.8 million, signaling a strategic move to capitalize on market lows.

In related developments, another significant Bitcoin investor moved 1,200 BTC, valued at approximately $77.67 million, into the Kraken exchange. This transaction, captured by the crypto “de-anonymizing” service Arkham, is part of a larger accumulation strategy where the whale amassed 24,755 BTC, worth around $1.68 billion, at an average price of $68,051, from March 1 to April 15. While intentions behind the Kraken deposit remain speculative, such actions typically suggest potential market strategies, including selling or securing holdings against price volatility.


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