LATEST: Samson Mow Predicts Bitcoin Supply Shock Ahead of Next Halving

Samson Mow, a leading figure in cryptocurrency and head of the Bitcoin-focused Jan3, recently highlighted the resilience and upcoming potential of Bitcoin amidst market tremors. According to Mow, despite a sharp 13% drop in Bitcoin prices following unrest in the Middle East, the cryptocurrency quickly recovered nearly 9% of its value. His confidence remains unshaken as he anticipates the “Omega time” for Bitcoin, especially with the impending Bitcoin halving event, which he suggests could spark a significant supply shock.

Moreover, Mow emphasized the growing demand for Bitcoin, driven by the recent approval and launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs and Bitcoin-Ethereum exchange-traded funds in Hong Kong. He critiques the broader financial markets’ reaction to the halving, suggesting a lack of awareness that may lead to unnecessary panic. However, Mow reassures that any overreaction is temporary and foresees a bullish future for Bitcoin as it approaches a pivotal moment in its trajectory.


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