NEW: Over 1,000 New Smart Contracts Added to Cardano in April

Cardano, the eleventh-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is making significant strides with its Plutus V2 smart contracts. Amid a stabilizing cryptocurrency market, Cardano has reported a substantial increase in smart contract activity. The total number of Plutus scripts on the network, including both V1 and V2 versions, has climbed to 41,743 as of April 14, marking a nearly 3% rise since April 1. Notably, the number of Plutus V2 scripts surged by 3.52% to 35,273, adding 1,211 new contracts in April alone.

This growth in Cardano’s smart contract functionality enhances its position as a major player in the competitive blockchain platform arena. With the broader market showing signs of stabilization, Cardano’s focus on advancing its smart contract capabilities could make it a key facilitator for decentralized applications and automated blockchain transactions, heralding a promising future for the crypto industry.


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