LATEST: Kiyosaki Warns of U.S. Debt Crisis, Endorses Bitcoin as Economic Safe Guard

Robert Kiyosaki, celebrated for his financial wisdom in “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” recently voiced concerns over the U.S.’s escalating national debt, now at a record-breaking $34 trillion. Through a thought-provoking tweet, he likened the U.S. economy’s trajectory to the decline of the Roman Empire, spotlighting the government’s practice of inflating the money supply, which he argues undermines the dollar’s value. Kiyosaki’s critique arrives as the U.S. removed its debt ceiling of $31.4 trillion in 2023, fueling fears of financial instability. He equated the ancient Roman’s distraction with gladiatorial games to modern-day extravagances, suggesting that such distractions overlook the core issues of economic debasement. Advocating for investment in gold, silver, and notably Bitcoin, Kiyosaki positions these assets as defenses against potential wealth erosion caused by monetary policy. His endorsement of Bitcoin indirectly benefits the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem, including platforms like Cardano, by highlighting the significance of digital currencies in ensuring financial resilience against economic challenges.


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