LATEST: Harvest Fund Applies for Spot Bitcoin ETF in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong arm of Harvest Fund Management, a major Chinese asset manager, is taking a pioneering step in the Asian financial market by applying for a Bitcoin spot Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. This bold move comes in the wake of the successful introduction of similar ETFs in the United States, marking a significant turn in the global acceptance and integration of cryptocurrencies.

The Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission is accelerating the approval process, aiming to list the ETF on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange shortly after the Spring Festival. This initiative follows the U.S. model, where Bitcoin spot ETFs have gained substantial ground, led by industry heavyweights like Grayscale and BlackRock.

This venture by Harvest Hong Kong into Bitcoin ETFs is a crucial development, signaling the readiness of major Asian financial players to embrace the evolving landscape of digital currencies. It represents a significant stride towards mainstreaming Bitcoin investments in Asia and could inspire similar moves across the region, reinforcing Bitcoin’s position as a viable investment asset.


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