LATEST: Brazil’s Major Bank Itau Unibanco Offers Bitcoin Trading

Itaú Unibanco, one of Latin America’s premier private banks with over 60 million clients, has announced an expansion of its Bitcoin and Ether trading services to all users. The service, initiated in December 2023 via its ‘Ion’ investment platform, was first available to select customers and has now rolled out to anyone who downloads the app.

Following positive weekly customer surveys on cryptocurrency operations, Itaú confirmed strong user trust and satisfaction in its self-managed crypto custody solutions, developed in partnership with Liqi. The bank also developed individual digital wallets for clients, adhering to Brazil’s stringent crypto regulations.

With over 3.5 million app downloads and plans to broaden crypto offerings based on customer demand and regulatory developments, Itaú aims to align with upcoming central bank rules on stablecoin operations, signaling a robust future for crypto services in the region.


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