LATEST: Bitcoin’s 10-Year HODL Surges to 17.36%, Reaches New High

In a striking display of confidence and long-term investment, Bitcoin’s 10-year HODL Wave continues to climb, showcasing a significant portion of Bitcoin holders who have not sold their holdings for a decade or more. The latest data reveals that as of April 21, 2024, a remarkable 17.36% of Bitcoin’s circulating supply is in the hands of these steadfast investors, according to the analytics platform Look Into Bitcoin. This indicator is often seen as a strong signal of the belief in Bitcoin’s value proposition over time, suggesting a robust foundation for the cryptocurrency. Despite the market’s natural ebb and flow, the unwavering HODLers contribute to a sense of stability and optimism surrounding Bitcoin’s future. As the price currently hovers around $56,053, the crypto community is buoyed by the resolute spirit of its long-term supporters, reinforcing the narrative of Bitcoin as a maturing asset class with enduring appeal.


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