LATEST: Swiss Bitcoin Enthusiasts Seek Bitcoin Reserves in National Bank

A collective of Swiss Bitcoin advocates is revitalizing their campaign to integrate Bitcoin into the Swiss National Bank’s (SNB) financial arsenal. Spearheaded by Yves Bennaïm of the non-profit 2B4CH, they aim to amend the Swiss Constitution through a referendum, necessitating over 100,000 signatures. This move, according to Bennaïm, would fortify Switzerland’s sovereignty and neutrality amid global uncertainty. Luzius Meisser, of Bitcoin Suisse, also supports this initiative, highlighting potential financial gains—estimating a missed opportunity of 30 billion Swiss francs in 2022—and positioning Switzerland ahead of other central banks in adopting cryptocurrency.

The procedural roadmap is set, with necessary documents being prepared for submission to the State Chancellery. Challenges loom large, as a previous attempt in 2021 fell short. However, with a supportive demographic and significant daily crypto trading activity within Western Europe, advocates are optimistic. The petition’s relevance is underscored by global trends in crypto adoption and ongoing debates around national and EU digital currencies. A decisive presentation by Meisser scheduled for April 26 will further argue the strategic benefits of including Bitcoin on the SNB’s balance sheet.


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