NEW: RFK Jr. Proposes Moving US Budget to Blockchain System

Pro-crypto presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has announced a groundbreaking proposal to utilize blockchain technology for the entire US budget, promising unparalleled transparency and public oversight. During his campaign, Kennedy Jr. expressed his commitment to an open government by stating, “I’m gonna put the entire US budget on blockchain,” allowing every American 24/7 access to monitor governmental spending. This move is met with enthusiastic support from the crypto community, further solidifying their backing for Kennedy.

Kennedy Jr. aims to empower citizens by making every transaction in the US budget accessible to the public, enabling around-the-clock monitoring. “We’re gonna have 300 million eyeballs on our budget,” he declared, emphasizing the deterrent effect this would have on wasteful expenditures. His vision aligns with the values of decentralization and transparency inherent in blockchain technology, heralding a significant shift from traditional budgetary practices and enhancing both accountability and citizen engagement.


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