LATEST: Bitcoin Miners Reach Record $2 Billion Revenue in Historic Month

March witnessed an unprecedented surge in bitcoin miners’ earnings, setting a new all-time high for the cryptocurrency’s history. The miners collected a staggering $2.01 billion in revenue, which includes both rewards for new blocks and transaction fees, with the latter contributing $85.81 million. This remarkable income spike comes as the community anticipates the upcoming halving event, further highlighting the significant role miners play in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The previous revenue record was set in May 2021, at $1.74 billion, demonstrating the growing profitability in mining activities.

Significant achievements were made in the mining sector, with Foundry USA leading by mining 1,312 out of 4,412 blocks in March, making up nearly 30% of the total blocks mined. The Bitcoin network’s overall hashrate also saw an increase, maintaining a steady pace at 606 exahash per second, indicating a robust and secure blockchain. As the halving event draws near, the mining community’s contributions and the network’s strength continue to showcase the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency landscape.


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