LATEST: Bitcoin Attracts More Investor with 48% New Addresses Increase

Bitcoin (BTC) is getting a lot of attention as more people are becoming interested in it. New data from Glassnode, a company that studies cryptocurrencies, shows that there are many new Bitcoin addresses. This means more people are getting involved with Bitcoin.

On January 25th, there were about 370,330 new Bitcoin addresses. Just three days later, on January 28th, this number jumped to 549,843, which is a big increase of 48%. Crypto expert Ali Martinez says this shows that more people are investing in Bitcoin, especially when its price goes down.

Even though Bitcoin’s price has gone down a little bit in the last day, it has been doing well in the past week, going up by 4.19%. More people are also trading Bitcoin, with a 6.52% increase in trading activity.


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