LATEST: After 8-Year Hiatus, Dormant Ethereum Whale Holds Pre-Mined ETH

In a remarkable turn of events in the crypto world, an inactive Ethereum whale that had been dormant for eight and a half years has reemerged by making a substantial transfer of 100 ETH, equivalent to approximately $230,159. This dormant address, which had remained inactive since its creation in July 2015, has caught the attention of the crypto community as it shows activity for the first time in years.

During its awakening, the whale executed transfers, sending 20 ETH to one undisclosed address and 77 ETH to another, both shrouded in mystery. This resurgence follows a recent trend where other dormant Ethereum addresses, including one with 492 ETH worth $1.14 million, became active after prolonged dormancy.

The sudden activity of these major players in the crypto market has raised speculation about potential impacts on Ethereum’s price. Historical data suggests that such movements by large crypto holders often lead to market volatility.


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