LATEST: Victoria VR Launches First Crypto Metaverse App for Apple Vision Pro

Victoria VR is set to revolutionize the virtual reality (VR) landscape by launching the first-ever blockchain-based metaverse app on Apple’s Vision Pro headset. This pioneering project promises ultra-realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, perfectly complementing the advanced features of the Vision Pro. Aimed at demonstrating the capabilities of Web3 technology within Apple’s latest foray into the VR ecosystem, Victoria VR’s metaverse is designed to captivate users with its digital environment and innovative in-app economy.

Leveraging the Ethereum-based VR token, Victoria VR introduces an economy that rewards users and stakers, encouraging active participation within its metaverse. This initiative is not just a leap towards blending VR with blockchain technology but also positions Victoria VR and Apple’s Vision Pro as formidable contenders in the VR domain, challenging established players like Meta’s Quest. Through this collaboration, Victoria VR is reshaping the future of virtual experiences, promising an accessible and rewarding platform for users worldwide.


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