JUST IN: Elon Musk Open to Use Bitcoin on X Following SEC’s Approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs

In a landmark decision, the SEC has voted to approve Bitcoin Spot ETFs, as reported. This approval has sparked a reaction from Elon Musk, who, during an X Spaces event with Cathie Wood, expressed his openness to the idea of utilizing Bitcoin on X. The SEC’s ETF Approval voting was divided: Gensler, Peirce, and Uyeda voted in favor, while Crenshaw and Lizárraga opposed the approval.

Here’s the voting breakdown:

Gensler: Approved

Peirce: Approved

Uyeda: Approved

Crenshaw: Not Approved

Lizárraga: Not Approved

SEC Official Bitcoin ETF Approval Documents link

Hester Peirce Official SEC Statement Link

Elon Musk & Cathie Wood on X Space recording link

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