Proof of Stake Alliance updates recommendations for staking providers

The Proof of Stake Alliance (POSA), a non-profit organization that represents firms in the crypto staking industry, published an updated version of its “staking principles” on Nov. 9. The new principles are supported by Ava Labs, Alluvial, Coinbase, Lido Protocol, Paradigm, and ten other staking industry firms.

Previous version of the POSA staking principles. Source: POSA.

POSA represents 15 different firms in the staking industry, including Alluvial, Ava Labs, Blockdaemon, Coinbase, Credibly Neutral, Figment, Infstones, Kiln, Lido Protocol, Luganodes, Methodic, Obol, Polychain, Paradigm, and Staking Rewards.

The staking principles were first published in 2020. According to the blog…

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