Lightspeed Newsletter: Squads raises $10M amid smart accounts shift

Hey Solana peeps,

Michael McSweeney here, filling in for Jack as he finishes up his New Hampshire sojourn. 

This is probably the part where I’m supposed to mention some kind of sportsball or what-have-you. Ah yes, sportsball. The game of champions. Played by, uh, squads of people. 

Speaking of squads…

Squads raises $10M amid smart accounts shift

The digital asset management platform Squads announced $10 million in funding this morning. 

Electric Capital led the Series A round, which also drew participation from RockawayX, Coinbase Ventures, L1 Digital, Placeholder and Mert Mumtaz.

The Dubai-based firm launched in 2021 with Solana-based tooling for DAOs. It’s since pivoted more…

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