LATEST: Canadian Public Firm DeFi Technologies Invests in 110 BTC as Treasury Reserve

Canadian public company DeFi Technologies (OTCMKTS: DEFTF) has announced the acquisition of 110 Bitcoins, worth approximately $7.7 million, as part of its treasury strategy. The firm is adopting Bitcoin as its primary reserve asset to safeguard its reserves from monetary debasement.

DeFi Technologies, known for bridging traditional financial markets with decentralized finance (DeFi), is committed to pioneering Web3 technologies. The company aims to democratize access to future finance for a wide range of investors, leveraging Bitcoin’s potential to deliver remarkable returns as adoption grows.

Olivier Roussy Newton, CEO of DeFi Technologies, stated, “We have adopted Bitcoin as our primary treasury reserve asset, reflecting our confidence in its role as a hedge against inflation and a safe haven from monetary debasement. As the best-performing asset over the past decade, Bitcoin offers significant short to long-term potential to expand the company’s treasury.”


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