It’s a Solanaissance: These 5 charts will cure the Ethereum vibecession

Ethereum is out and Solana is in.

Ethereum, its mess of layer-2s and neverending scaling roadmap are doomed to be usurped by its younger “monolithic” rival.

At least, that’s what the rabblers on X are saying.

The sagging ETH-to-BTC ratio surely isn’t helping. Bitcoin has swelled 160% this year, while ETH hasn’t even doubled. Anyone who sold their bitcoin for ether in January would’ve so far lost a quarter of their BTC on that trade.

Solana’s bitcoin ratio is up more than 300%. SOL’s dollar price is now 10 times what it was at the start of the year, although it’s still down almost two-thirds from its record high at the top of the last bull market.

Solana truthers would…

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