LATEST: Bitcoin to Triumph in 2024 with New ATHs, Forecasts Samson Mow

In an exhilarating forecast for the coming year, Samson Mow, a renowned figure in the cryptocurrency world, has made some bold predictions for 2024. Topping his list is the anticipated all-time high (ATH) of Bitcoin, with its value soaring to an unprecedented $1 million. Mow’s vision doesn’t stop there; he sees a significant shift in global finance as three nation-states are expected to implement a BTC Times strategy, signaling a growing acceptance of Bitcoin in governmental operations.

The year 2024 also seems promising for JAN3, as it is set to engage with ten additional countries, further expanding the reach and influence of Bitcoin. In the realm of digital wallets, AQUA Wallet is projected to drive a substantial increase in L-USDt volume, marking a milestone in the usability of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the Liquid Network is set to become a mainstream player, enhancing the landscape of blockchain technology and its applications.

Furthermore, Bitfinex Securities is on track to take the financial world by storm, offering new and innovative avenues for investment. To add to the excitement, Bitcoin Bonds from three different jurisdictions are expected to emerge, offering a new form of investment tied to the ever-evolving Bitcoin market. Mow’s predictions paint a picture of a year where Bitcoin and related technologies not only thrive but also revolutionize the way we view and interact with digital finance.


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