BONK’s price pumped harder around Coinbase listing than any other crypto this year

BONK, the dog coin currently at the heart of the Solana space’s hopes and dreams, holds the record for 2023’s biggest Coinbase pump.

Coinbase listings are a big deal for crypto projects. More users implies more volume, and more volume should mean higher prices, some might say.

But it seems the most bullish thing about making it to Coinbase isn’t the actual listing — but the lead up.

Take BONK. Mid-way through its pearl-clutching 18,000% pump, Coinbase posted on X to say it had added BONK to its listing roadmap.

Markets were taking a breather on BONK at the time. What was a $20 million community coin at the end of October had ballooned to a near-$900 million powerhouse by…

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