Unchained Is Helping Users Secure 90,000 BTC And Counting in Self Custody

Company Name: Unchained

Founders: Joe Kelly and Dhruv Bansal

Date Founded: October 2016

Location of Headquarters: Austin, TX

Amount of Bitcoin in Treasury: Not disclosed

Number of Employees: 107

Website: https://unchained.com/

Public or Private? Private

Joe Kelly and Dhruv Bansal started Unchained with one main objective: to provide financial services to people like themselves — long-term bitcoin holders. Since 2017, when Unchained launched its first product, a lending desk that allowed customers to borrow US dollars against their bitcoin, the company has developed into a full-on financial services company for Bitcoiners who value holding their private keys.

Unchained now offers a suite of…

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