Bitcoin Price Up 1.6 Million Percent Since Infamous Nick Allen 'Mess Tweet'

They say time heals all wounds – not in Bitcoin.

As documented by Bitcoin Historian Pete Rizzo, tomorrow marks the 12th anniversary of a now-infamous tweet by Nick Allen back in 2011, one that demonstrates the remarkable growth and resilience of the cryptocurrency over the past decade.

The tweet in question, posted on October 25, 2011, by technologist Nick Allen, expressed disbelief at Bitcoin’s value, which was “down to $2.70 a pop.” Allen went on to say he was “so glad I didn’t buy in on that mess.”

At the time of the tweet, Bitcoin was trading at $2, and it’s up some 1,600,000 percent since that date.

Fast forward to today, and Bitcoin’s price has soared to nearly $35,000 per coin,…

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