NEW: US Bitcoin ETFs Spark Increased Institutional Crypto Investments

The launch of multiple US-based spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) at the start of the year has ignited a surge in institutional investor interest in cryptocurrencies. According to a recent CoinShares Digital Fund Manager survey, these investors have ramped up their digital asset allocations to 3% of their portfolios, a record high since the survey began in 2021. The allure of Bitcoin has particularly strengthened, with over 25% of respondents now having exposure to the premier digital currency through these ETFs. Notably, Bitcoin and Ethereum are viewed by investors as having the most robust growth prospects, although Solana also captured attention with a notable increase in allocations.

Despite the enthusiasm, challenges persist in accessing digital assets, primarily due to regulatory hurdles. The US financial regulators, including the SEC, have heightened scrutiny, launching several legal actions against major platforms like Binance and Coinbase. Moreover, while concerns like volatility, custody issues, and reputation risk remain, the landscape is evolving, with fewer investors citing these as significant barriers compared to past surveys. This shift highlights a growing confidence and a broader acceptance of digital assets as valuable investment options within institutional portfolios.


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