LATEST: $140B Global Retirement Partners Adds 7 Bitcoin ETFs to Holdings in 13F filings

Global Retirement Partners (GRP), a prominent pension consultant with over $140 billion in assets under advisement, has significantly increased its stakes in Bitcoin, purchasing shares in seven different US spot Bitcoin ETFs and one Bitcoin mining ETF, as revealed in the latest 13F filings with the SEC. This move underscores a growing acceptance of Bitcoin among traditional financial advisors and could signal a broader shift in institutional investment strategies. The newly approved ETFs, launched in the first quarter of 2024 by leading issuers such as BlackRock, Fidelity, and ProShares, offer regulated and insured exposure to Bitcoin without the need for direct custody, making them an appealing option for managing pension funds and retirement accounts.

Other institutional investors including Park Avenue Securities LLC, Inscription Capital LLC, Wedmonth Private Capital, and American Nation Banks, with combined assets under management exceeding $12.8 billion, have also started allocating resources to various Bitcoin ETFs. This growing trend among U.S. institutional investors, highlighted by GRP’s substantial investment, points to a burgeoning confidence in Bitcoin’s future as a staple in diversified investment portfolios. As this interest persists, the next quarters may witness an even greater influx of capital into Bitcoin markets, further normalizing cryptocurrency investments in mainstream finance.


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