NEW: Parents Choose Cryptocurrency as Investment for Children’s Future

A recent survey conducted by CouponBirds in March has uncovered a strong trend among U.S. parents who are crypto enthusiasts: 86% of them have either invested or plan to invest in cryptocurrencies for their children’s financial future. The study shows that 45.2% of parents have already made such purchases, with an additional 40.6% intending to do so. The primary motivations cited are the belief in cryptocurrency’s appreciation over time (52.6%), educational value (33.3%), and as a safeguard against currency debasement (30.7%). This reflects a broader confidence, with 81.4% of parents convinced of the increased value of digital currencies over the next decade.

Moreover, 82.3% of parents adopt a “set it and forget it” approach to these investments, anticipating that cryptocurrencies will serve as a mainstream currency in their children’s future. About 79% foresee a world where crypto is commonly used for everyday transactions, despite current low usage rates. Additionally, 37.5% regard digital currencies as the superior long-term investment for the next generation, outpacing traditional vehicles like savings accounts and stocks. This forward-looking perspective is further highlighted by the 81.2% of parents advocating for crypto education in schools, emphasizing the growing importance of financial literacy in a digital age.


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