LATEST: Willy Woo Forecasts Bitcoin’s Bull Run to $650K, Surpassing Gold

Willy Woo, a prominent Bitcoin analyst, has made a striking prediction suggesting Bitcoin could eclipse the market capitalization of gold as Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) begin to impact the market. Woo’s analysis points to Bitcoin reaching price milestones of $91,000 in bear markets and soaring to $650,000 during bull runs, contingent on full capital deployment by ETF investors. He bases his optimistic forecast on a potential $2 trillion inflow from asset managers, who currently recommend a 2% portfolio allocation to cryptocurrencies, indicating a major uplift in Bitcoin’s investment base from its current $561 million.

While these price targets hinge on extensive capital infusion, which Woo admits may not materialize in the current cycle, the historical precedent set by gold—whose market cap surged following its ETF approval—gives credence to Bitcoin’s potential ascent. Using market-to-volume (MVRV) ratios to project future valuations, Woo suggests that Bitcoin could achieve market caps of $12.8 trillion in bull markets and $1.8 trillion in bear scenarios. This forecast positions Bitcoin not just as a digital asset, but as a formidable competitor to traditional gold investments over the coming years.


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